Cadets Triumph at 32nd Moonlight Classic

Cadets LogOn one of the most perfect nights for Drum Corps, the Cadets (Allentown, PA) succeeded in winning the 32nd Moonlight Classic, again besting the Blue Devils (Concord, CA) during their nationwide tour.

In one of the most exciting drum corps shows at University of the Pacific’s Amos Alonzo Stagg Memorial Stadium, the crowd also showed their appreciation for the World Class drum corps, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, Mandarins, and Pacific Crest, all of which were VERY entertaining.

Also, in Open Class, the crowed cheered on the undefeated Blue Devils B, along with Vanguard Cadets, Revolution, and the ever popular, Blue Devils C, all performing great shows after the intro show by the San Francisco Renegades.


World Class Corps

  • The Cadets: 78.800
  • Blue Devils: 77.700
  • Phantom Regiment: 76.050
  • Santa Clara Vanguard: 74.550
  • Blue Knights: 71.450
  • Mandarins: 64.100
  • Pacific Crest: 63.550

Open Class Corps

  • Blue Devils B: 73.450
  • Vanguard Cadets: 71.200
  • Revolution: 63.250
  • Blue Devils C: 48.950

All Age Corps

  • Renegades: 68.600
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