A Silver Lining …

After the 2012 Moonlight Classic was suspended due to the lights not coming on, the remaining corps were gracious enough to each do a “Parking Lot” performance of their shows, where the fans could not only hear the music, but do so up close and personal … something rarely fans are able to experience.

Below is a letter received by The Blue Devils Percussion Caption Head, Scott Johnson, from a fan who was able to benefit from this experience. We thank the Blue Devils for sharing this email with us:

“Hey Scott-

Just wanted to send you a little note of thanks. Last night was the first drum corps competition I had brought my kids to, having only taken them to family night a couple years ago. After driving and hour and a half to get there, you could imagine how pissed I was about what happened last night. I decided to take my very disappointed and tired kids over to the parking lot in the dark after the show was cancelled. When the drumline started weaving through the crowd, I was soon glad we had made it over there.

Next thing I know, one of your snare drummers turned his sticks over to my 6 year old son, who started flailing away. That tired kid turned around quickly! Soon my son and 9 year old daughter had 2 sets of tenor drums literally at their noses with a snare drummer behind them as the line came together to finish the warm up. It was awesome.

Even though this may be one of those moments that drives my kids to want to become drummers (gasp..) :), I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do for all of your fans out there. It was a big reminder that the Blue Devils always have been…and always will be the coolest thing about the summer. Thanks to you and the Blue Devils for more than salvaging the night for my 2 kids and I. Hope you have a great tour.

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