S.O.M.E. Bestows Grant to Sunflower Presents

STOCKTON, CAApril 11, 2013 – In keeping with it’s mission of supporting local music organizations and the performing arts, the Sponsors of Musical Enrichment has selected Stockton based Sunflower Presents to receive a $500 Grant to support their programs.

Sunflower Presents receives a $500 Grant Check from Sponsors of Musical Enrichment.

The Board Members from Sunflower Presents receive a $500 Grant Check from the Sponsors of Musical Enrichment.
From Sunflower: Joanne Waters, President; Dennis Burtt, Board Member; Jamie Davis, Treasurer; Donna Eriksen, Past President; and from S.O.M.E.: Jeff DeMello.

Sunflower Presents is a California, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which provides live entertainment to the confined and disabled, helps them re-establish contacts with the outside community and nurtures their individual worth. Founded by Marian Jacobs and Marilyn Robertson in 1977, Sunflower Presents continues the founders tradition of bringing the arts to those less fortunate in San Joaquin County. For more information, see sunflowerpresents.org

The Sponsors of Musical Enrichment is a non-profit California corporation founded in 1978 for the purpose of supporting local music organizations and the performing arts on a continuing basis. 100% of all funds raised by this organization are reinvested in the local community. Since its inception in 1978, S.O.M.E. has granted over $2,500,000 to over one hundred deserving groups and individuals.

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