Jim Ott Scholarship Application Process

Applications for the Jim Ott Scholarship are available by contacting S.O.M.E. Inc “Sponsors of Musical Enrichment” of Stockton, CA. The $3,000 Scholarship will be granted for a one year period and will be awarded to a graduating High School Senior or a student presently attending an institution of higher learning. Certification must be provided indicating enrollment in a program on continuing education.

To be eligible for the Jim Ott Scholarship you must:

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Participate in a Drum Corps
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Be accepted to or in attendance at an institution of continuing education (public or private)
  • Be a music Major

Applications are screens and some students may be requested to appear (S.O.M.E. Inc. expense) for an interview. At that time you should be ready to discuss your situation openly and frankly with the interview committee. The committee usually asks questions regarding your involvement in and the knowledge of your career plans and family condition.

Your completed application along with transcripts and letters of recommendation must be completed and returned to S.O.M.E. Inc. no late than July 15th of each year. It is your responsibility to insure all items are received.

Student must submit transcript including (1) 6th & 7th semester grades; (2) list of courses taken during the 8th semester. Plus, if applicable, transcript of higher education courses.

Student must include with this application four letters of recommendation along with the address and phone numbers from the following sources: a) parent, b) teacher or instructor, c) someone in the community other than a relative or person associated with school/corps/guard, and d) drum corps director.

All persons submitting a letter of recommendation should identify their relationship with the applicant. Letters of recommendation should accompany this application, or sent directly to S.O.M.E.

As the last step of this online application process, you may upload files (PDF preferred) of you transcripts and letters of recommendation.

During the on-line application process, you may save your results and return at a later time to complete the application.

The winner of the Jim Ott Scholarship will be announced at DCI Finals … Good Luck!

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